Exclusive: Watch Protesters In This AZ Town Get Fired Up Over Invasion of Illegals

Groups from both sides of the immigration debate gathered in the small town of Oracle to wait for vehicles carrying illegal immigrant children to a nearby boys’ ranch in the Catalina Mountains.

The pro-amnesty group was positioned closer to town holding signs that said “Hola” and “Bienvenidos.” The anti-illegal immigration group was three miles down the road which leads to Sycamore Canyon Academy, where the 40 minors were to be dropped off. Later in the day, the pro-amnesty group moved to the same location as the anti-illegal immigration crowd.

Many people are upset that the Federal Government is continuing its campaign to illegally transport these immigrants without notifying local authorities. Several of the anti-illegal immigration protestors expressed their concern that these young people are being used as political pawns. In the end, the only buses that passed through the group were school buses carrying kids from a YMCA camp.

BCN editor’s note: This article first appeared at Western Journalism.

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