Fiscal Flare, Exposing the LGBT Curriculum — Watch CURE America with Star Parker

Tune in for a captivating one-on-one interview with Tom Schatz from Citizens Against Government Waste on this episode of CURE America with Star Parker. She led the conversation and dove deep into a wide range of pressing topics facing America today.

The discussion wove through intricate layers of society, from government shutdowns and concerns about government overreach to Easter celebrations and the pivotal role of Christianity in shaping American values.

Drawing from recent discussions with Schatz, Star reflected on the frustration over government spending and earmarks, a hot-button issue that affects every taxpayer. Together, they dissected the impact of taxation on small businesses and individuals, highlighting the burden of excessive government spending, particularly during tax season. Schatz shed light on his organization’s work in identifying wasteful spending by Congress, including examples of earmarks such as funding for museums and other projects.

As the conversation unfolded, they confronted the looming challenges of national debt and entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare, and discussed the long-term consequences for future generations. Encouraging citizens to hold legislators accountable, they stressed the importance of advocacy for transparency and fiscal responsibility in government spending.

This week’s episode included special guests Jonathan Alexandre, Richard Manning, and Marty Dannenfelser. Expect thought-provoking discussions on the LGBTQ+ agenda in school curricula, government spending, and more.

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