From the Archives: This Conservative Activist Talked About the Kinds of Black People We Should Focus On — NOT the George Floyds of the World

The U.S. Supreme Court will decide whether colleges and universities across the country may continue to consider applicants’ race in their decisions to admit or reject them. Under these policies, admissions committees judge black and Hispanic applicants by a lower standard than white and East Asian candidates.

All black Americans should hate the lowered expectations leftists have of them and the lowering of standards for the sake of “diversity.” But not all do. Only some…like Bob Woodson.

An activist and leader of the 1776 Project, which was created to counter what it calls anti-American propaganda in the New York Times’s 1619 Project, Woodson recently appeared on Fox News to denounced “woke” education.

Woodson, who opposes racial preferences, said we’re witnessing an “internal assault on the self-esteem of black people.” It’s an insult that blacks are held to lower standards, and Woodson thinks this is fueling the kind of black-on-black rage resulting in black-on-black deaths.

“We should be focusing on people like Kamia Bradley, a 23-year-old black woman in Denver, who’s had a very troubled background.” Bradley, homeless in high school, found a mentoring program. Woodson said she was the first in her family to finish high school and graduated from college with honors, but she was worried that people would attribute her success to racial preferences and diversity check marks. Bradley said she wanted to be known for her intelligence, work ethic, and resilience.

“These are the kinds of people we need to be celebrating,” Woodson said, “not the George Floyds of this world.”

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