For Israel & Against Critical Race Theory — Watch CURE America with Star Parker

In this week’s episode of CURE America, we dive deep into the violence in the Middle East, comparing the success of Israel with that of its neighbors, and highlighting the miraculous nature of the present country.

The attacks by Hamas and the Palestinian Authority have revealed the true colors of certain people in the United States.

Some Members of Congress are viciously calling for sanctions on Israel, the United Nations is investigating Israel for war crimes, college campuses are shutting down any support for the State of Israel on campus, and anti-Semitic violence is taking place in the streets of America.

This change in attitude towards our greatest ally in the Middle East is disturbing to many and causes us to look closely at what is happening here and abroad. Movements like BDS — the “boycott, divestment and sanction” effort of all Israeli and international companies — are closely tied to the Black Lives Matter movement and the critical race theory in an effort to pit one race against another.

It’s so much easier to hate and blame than to take personal responsibility to create and build. Our country is at a critical point of choosing which way we will go. In-depth conversations with leading experts like Matthew Brodsky with the Gold Institute for International Strategy will help.

Jonathan Alexandre of Liberty Counsel Action, Jack Beyrer of the Washington Free Beacon, and Benjamin Weil of the Endowment for Middle East Truth join the discussion.

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