Foreign Policy Crossroads, Domestic Fray — Watch CURE America with Star Parker

Welcome to CURE America with Star Parker, where we tackle the toughest issues facing our nation head on. In this episode, Star Parker leads an unfiltered conversation with Pastor Marc Little, chairman of the Board at CURE Policy, who fearlessly shares his journey and unwavering commitment to faith-driven activism.

Joining the fray is Michael Doran, a powerhouse senior fellow at the Hudson Institute’s Center for Peace and Security in the Middle East. Doran pulls no punches as he dissects the tangled web of issues surrounding Israel, exposing Iran’s sinister role in regional instability.

Adding fuel to the fire are Marty Dannenfelser, the sharp-witted vice president for Government Relations at CURE, and Richard Manning, the straight-talking president of Americans for Limited Government. They bring hard-hitting perspectives on policy and governance, shedding light on the battles for conservative values in today’s political arena.

Throughout the episode, Star dives deep into topics including the sanctity of life and the seismic impact of recent Supreme Court decisions like Dobbs on abortion rights. The discussion cuts through the noise, spotlighting efforts within the Republican Party to stand firm on these crucial issues.

Don’t miss this no-holds-barred discussion on CURE America with Star Parker, where we confront the challenges shaping our nation’s future with grit and clarity.

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