Fox Business Starts GOP Debate By Ignoring Trump

DonaldTrump_2Despite being positioned dead center among the seven top-tier Republican candidates, presidential front-runner Donald Trump was the last to be asked a question during Thursday’s debate.

Nearly 20 minutes into the two-hour Fox Business Network program, Trump’s first answer was in response to a question regarding his opposition to the Syrian refugee program endorsed by the Obama administration. Specifically, moderator Neil Cavuto cited Barack Obama’s final State of the Union address on Tuesday night, for which a Syrian refugee was Obama’s invited guest.

Portraying the man, whose family was killed prior to his relocation from Syria to Detroit, as the real face of the refugee crisis, Obama represented the clear divide that exists between his position and many Americans with significant security concerns.

“It’s not fear,” Trump said, ” … it’s reality.”

As for the refugee who made an appearance with Obama earlier this week, Trump acknowledged that he is likely as upstanding as he was represented to be.

The problem is, he alleged, “that’s not representative of what we have in that line of migration.”

Trump concluded by insisting that the Syrian refugee program could ultimately be exposed as a “great Trojan horse” through which terrorists gain entry into the U.S.

“Where are the women?” he asked, citing images showing refugees moving en masse. “Very few children. Strong, powerful men, young. People are looking at that and they’re saying, ‘What’s going on?’”

BCN editor’s note: This article first appeared at Western Journalism.

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore (Creative Commons) – Some Rights Reserved

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