GAO: Some Obamacare Plans Pay for Abortions

abortion-is-not-health-care_2Yes, fellow pro-lifers, we pay for abortions. As long as it’s legal to kill unborn babies before viability, we’ll pay for abortions.

Life News reports that despite what President Barack Obama said to the contrary, some Obmacare plans do pay for women to kill their unborn children:

When he signed the Obamacare bill into law, President Barack Obama promised the American people that Obamacare would not pay for abortions — going as far as signing an executive order to that effect. A new GOA report shows he misled Americans.

Despite a promise President Obama made to lawmakers and the American public in a special joint session of Congress on healthcare reform that “under our plan, no federal dollars will be used to fund abortion” a new report [PDF] released by the non-partisan Government Accountability Office (GAO) today documents massive new public funding of abortion in the President’s healthcare law.

The GAO uncovered an accounting trick that masks what these insurers are doing. Some didn’t itemize the abortion surcharge, which is a legal obligation. I doubt that the majority of pro-lifers believed that Obamacare wouldn’t cover abortions. It’s all in the accounting. For example, abortion mills aren’t supposed to use federal funds to kill babies. Planned Parenthood received half a billion dollars of our money last year. They claim that tax money goes toward everything but abortions. With clever accounting, how would we know?

Photo credit: Kristina Hernandez – All Rights Reserved (Creative Commons)

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