This GOP Candidate Is Expected to Make a Big Announcement About His Future – UPDATED

Update: Carly Fiorina has suspended her campaign.

Original post:

Two candidates are celebrating today. Donald Trump and Sen. Bernie Sanders were both big winners in last night’s New Hampshire primary.

But at least one GOP hopeful might be calling it a day.

Sources reported that Chris Christie is set to drop out of the race.

In what was reportedly a record turn-out for Republicans, 35.4 percent of the voters chose Trump over Gov. John Kasich, who came in a surprising second with 15.7 percent of the vote, followed by Sen. Ted Cruz with 11.7 percent, Jeb Bush with 11 percent, Sen. Marco Rubio with 10.5 percent, and the rest trailing with single digits.

The results did little to settle the question of who will emerge as the anti-Trump Republican establishment pick, though Mr. Kasich’s showing gives him an edge moving forward and Mr. Rubio is likely to be dented.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who was headed for a sixth-place finish, may be a casualty of the vote.

He said he was going home to ponder the results, after he failed to turn a well-received debate performance this weekend into votes here.

Mr. Trump, meanwhile, showed he could draw from registered Republicans and independents, and from regular voters and first-time voters.

In a devastating blow to Hillary Clinton, the establishment favorite, she lost in every demographic except voters 65 and over. Sen. Sanders won by 60.2 percent to her 38.2 percent. She even lost the female demographic.

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