KY Gov. Matt Bevin Sent A Strong Message to This Group – They Won't Like It

This is what happens when Republicans hold office.

Kentucky’s new Republican governor, Matt Bevin, publicly signed a stronger informed-consent abortion bill at the state’s capitol yesterday during a Right to Life rally. He signed the bill into law earlier this month, but this ceremony was symbolic.

In Kentucky, women seeking to kill their own children had to listen to a telephone recording of the medical risks. These women now have to hear the information face-to-face in person or through live video chat at least 24 hours before the procedure.

If they stop to think about what they’re doing, more children might live.

Gov. Bevin recently shut down an unlicensed Planned Parenthood clinic.

Margie Montgomery, Executive Director of Kentucky Right to Life, said that after “all these years, we are delighted that women of Kentucky will finally get the information they need prior to consenting to an abortion. The more women know about abortion, the more likely they are to make life-affirming choices. We are grateful for Governor Bevin’s leadership on this issue, as well as the GOP Senate and House leadership.”

Atheists probably won’t like what happened before the signing:

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