Governor Rick Scott Bars Abortions After Viability

On Friday, Florida governor Rick Scott signed into law a bill that bars abortions if a doctor determines the baby could live outside the womb. An excerpt:

Supporters say the measure could prevent abortions around the 20th week of pregnancy, while opponents called it a setback for women’s reproductive rights. Under current law, most abortions are banned during the third trimester of pregnancy.

Former Senate Minority Leader Nan Rich, running for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination, blasted Scott’s signing of the abortion bill in a fundraising email.

“This is an outrage, and we have to do something,” Rich emailed to supporters. “Florida needs a pro-choice governor, so I need your help.”

Feminists want the “reproductive right” to kill a baby who can live outside the womb. That’s what they call “empowerment.” Why not carry the baby to term, then choose adoption?

Florida already has a law that bars abortions after 24 weeks of pregnancy, with a mother’s-life exception. Other states have similar laws, but Florida’s removes the exception that allows abortions for “psychological well-being.” Although third-trimester abortions are banned, such laws will help protect more unborn babies under the viability rationale.

The court in Roe v. Wade (1973) held that women have a right of privacy to kill their unborn babies until the stage of viability. The state has a compelling interest to protect unborn life and restrict abortion if the baby can live outside the womb. During the second trimester, the state may regulate abortion “in ways that are reasonably related to maternal health.” During the third trimester, the state may restrict or ban abortion “except where necessary, in appropriate medical judgment, for the preservation of the life or health of the mother.”

Dying in childbirth is rare, thanks to medical knowledge and advancing technology. The same could be said of fetal viability. One day, it might reach into the first trimester, though it’s hard to believe now. With laws like this one in place, those babies will be protected from abortionists’ death instruments.

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