Hamas Will LOVE What Biden Said About Sending Weapons to Israel

President Joe Biden announced last week that he would withhold U.S. weapons to Israel if the country didn’t stop its military campaign against a mosque in Rafah — after telling the U.S. Congress it was urgent that we send weapons to Israel.

Does he think this will end the war between Israel and Gaza sooner?

Star Parker can answer that question.

She said on Straight Arrow News that Biden’s public pressure on Israel “is emboldening Hamas and making it less likely that they will release the hostages they unjustly kidnapped during their barbaric attack on Israeli citizens on October 7, 2023. Sadly, there is reason to believe that many of these hostages have already been killed. The Israeli people and the rest of the world deserve to know the status of the Israelis, the Americans, and the other hostages that Hamas seized on October 7.”

Biden has failed in many ways during his time in office, including appeasing Hamas, which has reverberated, hurting America’s international and domestic interests. For example,  he has failed to take action to hold colleges and universities accountable against violent and disruptive campus riots and graduation cancellations.

“After weeks of tepid response,” Star said, “Biden finally found his voice and strongly denounced anti-semitism at a holocaust memorial remembrance on May 7th, which marks seven months from the day of the brutal Hamas attacks against Israel.”

Watch Star Parker in the video below or at Straight Arrow News to find out what else Biden hasn’t done.

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