Here's How The Invasion Of Illegals Is Already Causing Huge Problems For This Delaware Town

Illegal-Immigrants-at-bus-stationFollowing Gov. Jack Markell’s recent announcement that 117 unaccompanied illegal minors had been dropped off in his state, one Delaware school district is scrambling to prepare for whatever problems the continued influx could create.

In a meeting with Markell this week, the Indian River School Board offered some preliminary plans to deal with an increase in students unable to speak English. Reports indicate that the recent spike in illegal minors is only compounding a rise in recent years in the number of kids who cannot understand the language.

At least 70 non-English speaking students were admitted to just one high school in the district over the past year.

Nevertheless, Superintendent Susan Bunting promised that these illegals will have a place alongside American students in her district’s schools. Furthermore, the board promised to dedicate two more rooms at one district school to the education of minors here illegally and without the slightest grasp of the English language.

It is unclear from reports how this policy will negatively affect those English-speaking students who have a legitimate claim to an education in the district.

Responses to a Delmarva Public Radio article detailing the new plan offered near unanimous disapproval of the policy – as well as the Obama administration’s handling of the border crisis.

“I wonder how long it will take for the black caucus [to realize] the funding will be reduced from needy blacks to care for new democrat [sic] Hispanic minority imported by Harry Reid and Obama,” one reader wrote.

“Why are people, who are barely scraping by in this horrible economy, now expected to cough up more money to expand schools, not for THEIR children, but for people who [we] KNOW are illegal aliens?” another reader wondered. “Why are Americans spit on whilst the red carpet is rolled out for illegals?”

As one response concluded, Americans “should be marching in the streets.”

BCN editor’s note: This article first appeared at Western Journalism.

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