Here’s Why Actor Isaiah Washington Decided to #Walkaway From the Democratic Party

Patrice Onwuka of the Independent Women’s Forum interviewed actor Isaiah Washington about why he walked away from the Democrats and became a supporter of President Donald Trump.

Washington’s conversion seems to have taken place around the time he criticized Barack Obama for not calling for more criminal justice reform when he was president. Fox News picked up the story, and leftists in turn criticized Washington.

“When I got hit by the press after Fox News, obvious reasons, Terry picked one of my tweets that implied that I was trying to make one president look bad and another president look good. Which actually I was in context, I was actually speaking out of the irony, but wow. When I was having this conversation with the Senator Obama before he became the president, because he’s Kenyan, I thought we had an understanding of what the mission that I thought he sent me on. Which I achieved by getting my dual citizenship, building the school and all these great things that we were going to have a focus on Africa at some point within his eight years, 10 years, and we never really did. In fact, he actually had helped support getting Gaddafi removed. Okay?

“I have always been a Pan-African. When I saw the walkaway hashtags and I talked to Jackie Coker, I was upset at the press. So I decided I’m going to wage war, gives liberal media, mainstream media, I’m going to war. I’m walking away from mainstream media. I’m done. I’ll walk away from all the bad things. The bullies that bullied me. I’m going to walk away.

“So everything that I was saying, bringing up my work and everything that I was being attacked vociferously by the left. I remember spending eight, 12 hours a day on Twitter just countering those attacks by reminding people that was coming to hate me on my Twitter, letting them know who I am. I start to feel like I was on trial and I won my case because I was prepared for another attack but not at this level and my friend wasn’t prepared because I was actually at the White House doing something good because the first step back I could not understand that. I could not believe that here again, the media is going to try to take my head off out of context for another situation 12 years ago.

“Now because I’m actually in the White House representing African-American men and helping free people from our president who everybody say would never do anything good, let alone the Republican party doing anything good for the black community. I just couldn’t reconcile that. So I didn’t get really angry. I got decisively and I got strategic and decided, okay, if you want me to be a supporter of a 45, I will be probably one of the most impactful supporters of this president in the history of presidencies. That’s what I decided. I decided to start with this is the narrative that you want, you’re going to get it.”

Washington attended the Young Black Leadership Summit in October, where President Trump made an appearance to cheering attendees.

Washington appeared in a video where black conservatives talked about some of the names liberals have called them for supporting the president.

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