High Court Dashes Obama’s Amnesty Plans, Part II

illegalimmigrationIn June, a deadlocked U.S. Supreme Court upheld a lower court’s ruling that blocked President Barack Obama’s amnesty plan for illegal aliens.

The Obama administration asked the high court to rehear the case, and on Monday it refused. From USA Today:

The eight-member court’s order shut the door on a plan that already seemed all but dead a few months ago. The court declined to wait until a ninth justice is confirmed and seated in order to rehear the case — and possibly reverse its June decision.

The high court seldom agrees to rehear cases a second time, but it has on occasion done so when a justice’s death or retirement leaves a vacancy that leads to a 4-4 tie. In those cases, the court merely leaves the decision of the lower court intact and sets no national precedent.

By executive order and circumventing the U.S. Congress, the president attempted to exempt millions of illegal aliens from deportation and provide work permits. A coalition of 26 states sued the government. A lower court ruled in the coalition’s favor, and a split Supreme Court was unable to reach a decision on the issue.

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