Hillary Clinton’s Message to Bernie Sanders Supporters

Hillary Clinton, who won the California Democratic primary on Tuesday, is the first female presumptive nominee of a major party.

But Sen. Bernie Sanders said he won’t drop out of the race. Clinton has a message for his supporters. From the Washington Times:

While the campaign has been contentious, often nasty and, at times, bordering on personal, Mrs. Clinton offered a clear olive branch on Tuesday as she tried to reconstitute the Democratic coalition that elected President Obama in 2008.

She congratulated Mr. Sanders for a tough fight while also making clear that, despite the Vermont senator’s pledge to keep campaigning, the primary fight is finished and it’s time for all stakeholders to unite.

“Let there be no mistake: Sen. Sanders‘ campaign and the vigorous debate we’ve had about how to raise incomes, reduce inequality, increase upward mobility, have been very good for the Democratic Party and for America,” she said before making a direct appeal to Mr. Sanders‘ ardent supporters, many of whom have been hesitant to support Mrs. Clinton. “Whether you supported me or Sen. Sanders or one of the Republicans, we all need to keep working toward a better, fairer, stronger America … As we look ahead to the battle that awaits, let’s remember all that united us.”

Democrats will pressure Sen. Sanders to drop out so his supporters can start rallying behind Clinton. According to the numbers, he can’t win the nomination. But he can play the gadfly. Will Hillary play the “woman” card for support in the coming months?

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