Houston’s Homosexual Agenda Problem

Remember Houston’s lesbian mayor, Annise Parker, and the pastors ordered to turn over to the government sermons that mentioned the sin of homosexuality? The case is back in the news.

Houston passed an “equal rights” ordinance last year that infringed on the rights of Christians who refuse to approve of the homosexual lifestyle.

The city ordered five pastors to turn over the politically incorrect sermons (all sermons should be un-PC, if pastors are faithful to the Bible) purportedly as evidence in a lawsuit against the city. After a backlash, Parker and the city rescinded the subpoenas.

Houston also provided “spousal” benefits to homosexuals “married” in different states. Residents who wanted to put a stop to the taxpayer-funded farce filed suit, claiming the order violated the city charter, the state’s Defense of Marriage Act, and the state constitution. After some legal wrangling, a court ordered the benefits be stopped until the case goes to trial in December.

In the latest dust-up, Parker tried to block the pastors from having a trial by jury in a case to determine whether it was legally permissible for the city to toss signatures on a petition to recall the ordinance. A state judge rejected her request. From LifeSiteNews:

The complainants say that Parker and city attorney David Feldman wrongfully tossed out thousands of pages of signatures on a petition to place a referendum on the ballot allowing the voters to repeal the city’s new Equal Rights Ordinance, which bars discrimination based on sexual preference or “gender identity.” Parker, an open lesbian, made headlines last year after subpoenaing the pastors’ sermons, and has called the fight over the ordinance “personal.”

Critics of the ordinance are concerned about a provision permitting self-identified “transgender” individuals to use the restrooms, changing rooms, and other sex-segregated facilities of their choice, regardless of biological sex. They note that in other cities and states where similar laws have passed, harassment and assault allegations have been raised after men gained access to women’s facilities.

Critics’ concerns are very real. Even if supporters deny it, the homosexual lobby will eventually get around to allowing men/boys pretending to be women/girls to use women’s facilities, and, more important, penalize those who oppose it.

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