How Does Barack Obama Plan to Create Jobs for All These 'Legalized' People?

illegalalienrallyNow that President Barack Obama has issued his royal decree that will allow millions of illegal aliens to work legally in this great country of ours, how does he plan on creating jobs (hint: sarcasm! I know the government doesn’t create jobs) for all these people, plus the millions of law-abiding Americans looking for work?

Joel Kotkin at the The Daily Beast calls the amnesty plan “a recipe for keeping new Americans poor and dependent on social services.”

Is that what the president intended?

Democratic Party operatives, and their media allies, no doubt see in the legalization move a step not only to address legitimate human needs, but their own political future. With the bulk of the country’s white population migrating rapidly to the GOP, arguably the best insurance for the Democrats is to accelerate the racial polarization of the electorate. It might be good politics but we need to ask: what is the fate awaiting these new, and prospective, Americans?

Kotkin distinguishes between this wave of immigrants and those of the past, where there was a demand for labor–plenty of jobs. The current black unemployment rate doubles that of whites, as the numbers bear out. Why would the president make this move, knowing it’ll be more difficult for black Americans in particular?

It’s also difficult to see how the amnesty plan would help anyone aside from illegal aliens already dependent on the government. The money train will keep chugging along…until other people’s money runs out.

The President’s action on immigration requires a profound shift in economic policy, particularly in the large urban centers where most undocumented are clustered, to avoid creating a squeeze on scarce jobs and services. But Obama’s other big agenda—addressing climate change—has slowed the expansion of fossil fuel development. Meanwhile, it’s the energy sector that creates precisely the kinds of high-paying blue collar jobs, averaging upwards of $100,000 annually, that immigrants might be eager to fill and could give low unskilled workers a foothold into the middle class.

Will the president’s unilateral action allow illegal aliens to vote? Perhaps that’s the motive behind the move. Our immigration system isn’t broken. The federal government’s odd reluctance to enforce the law is the problem.

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