How to Improve Customer Service

undercover_customer_book_sherron_a_stevensWe all know what it’s like to deal with grumpy employees. Some customer service, right? I knew a guy who wouldn’t put up with it. After a rude encounter, he didn’t want to speak to the store manager or even the district manager. He asked for the regional manager’s number.

One young man wants to change how employees and customers interact. Eighteen-year-old Sherron A. Stevens, who works at Chick-fil-A, has written a book about it: Undercover Customer: 100 Ways To Fix Your Broken Customer Service.

Stevens says customers, co-workers, and managers have complimented him on his customer service. He’s compiled what he’s learned in the book. Something as simple as smiling and treating customers as guests (instead of a nuisance) makes a big difference.

Enterprising young man!

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