How We Will Overcome Hostility (Including Biden’s) Toward the Christian Faith

Biden could not have been more blatant. On a day that Christians consider a holy day, Resurrection Sunday, he declared that day as one to honor behavior that God calls a sin — Transgender Day of Visibility.

Governor Kathy Hochul of New York followed suit.

For Christians, the resurrection of Christ represents the “fulfillment of God’s plan for redemption and offers believers the promise of eternal life,” Star Parker said on Straight Arrow News. “On that most sacred day, Christians all over the world celebrate the victory of light over darkness, life over death, and the triumph of God’s love for humanity.”

But Biden, who calls himself a Roman Catholic, didn’t care. He even blasphemed God by including the words “the year of our Lord” in the proclamation. He banned children from featuring religious symbols at the White House at the Easter egg hunt. Biden went a step further and equated the ban to those against bigotry, racism, hatred, or harm.

“Given this hostility to religion – especially Christianity – at the highest level of our government,” Star said, “we shouldn’t be shocked that hostility against churches has accelerated in recent years.”

“Transgenders” are invisible? The delusion is all around us. What Biden did was spit in the face of believers, when June — 30 whole days — is homosexual “pride” month. But it is his soul, not ours.

“This hostility toward religion can only be overcome if we teach and restore the founding principles of our nation,” Star said. “We can also let politicians know that on Easter Sunday and every day of the year we expect our core beliefs to be honored and respected by those who are placed in positions of authority.”

Watch Star’s full segment below or on Straight Arrow News.

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