How's New York's Anti-Violence Project Going, Mayor de Blasio?

NYPD_smallerAlthough NYPD’s “Summer All Out” anti-violence program has barely begun, the media are already expecting results. Because of the rising rate of violence in New York City, with emboldened criminals and a hesitant police force, the police are stepping up patrols as the summer heat rolls in.

Mayor Bill de Blasio apparently decided that stopping violence is more important than what fellow liberals think of him.

The New York Post reported that despite the NYPD’s efforts to stem the violence, the city “still had more than double the number of shootings it experienced that week in 2014.”

The Post notes that after NYPD sent about 330 cops into high-crime areas, 53 people died or were wounded. An excerpt:

The summer program was even started a month early this year to try to get a jump on the problem. So far, though, it’s done little to help.

“It’s not going to abate the problem,” a police source said grimly.

While the redeployed cops mostly hit the streets at night, when most shootings occur, “These are not cops who are going to bring in gun collars or drug collars, because they didn’t do it in the first place,” the source said.

“These are police officers who were working inside. Their street skills are limited to begin with, their ambition and drive is probably mediocre at best, and I believe it will have little effect, other than the fact you’ll have 300 uniformed cops standing on street corners in some high-crime areas.”

If only the mayor hadn’t thrown the NYPD under the bus. The police have to regain control, and their task will be much harder if their mayor doesn’t stand behind law enforcement. The federal government will step in. That’s what happens when liberals run things. More government — more central government.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives may investigate gun cases involving suspects with just one prior felony conviction, rather than the previous requirement of two felonies.

Will it work?

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