If This Bill Becomes Law, It’s Bad News for Christians

With the weakening of religious freedom in America, Christians must be vigilant.

President Barack Obama has thrown his support behind the so-called Equality Act, which would add homosexuality and “transgenderism” to the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Although individuals, regardless of lifestyle choices, have the same civil rights, the homosexual lobby seeks special rights based on sexual behavior and feelings. BCN covered this issue last summer.

The Heritage Foundation’s Ryan T. Anderson, who writes about marriage and religious freedom, noted that Congress has repeatedly rejected a bill similar to the so-called Equality Act, which is nothing of the sort.

Such measures present a direct assault on religious people, especially Christians, who oppose mainstreaming homosexuality. The more special rights this tiny percent of the population receives, the less protection religious people have against a government with the power to fine them into bankruptcy and throw them in jail.

How did we reach a point where a man has a “civil right” to use women’s restrooms? Don’t so-called feminists care about women’s privacy and safety, even if they don’t care about modesty? How is this in line with feminism?

This bill and other “non-discrimination” measures are redundant on the one hand, because we already have laws in place to deal with unlawful discrimination. (For the record, barring a man from using the women’s restroom is proper, not unlawful, discrimination.) On the other hand, they suppress the freedom of people who oppose what God calls sin. Two options only: celebrate it or shut up about it. 

We won’t do either.

Earlier this month, voters who elected a lesbian to the mayor’s office for three terms rejected the government’s attempt to grant homosexuals special rights above the rights of other residents.

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