Is Big Tech Too Powerful? These Students Have Something to Say About It.

As Larry Elder implied in a recent column, Twitter’s permanent ban on President Donald Trump reeks of hypocrisy. The platform banned Trump to prevent “further incitement of violence,” while keeping the accounts of leftist politicians who arguably do what they say President Trump has done. For four years, Hillary Clinton has accused Trump of stealing the 2016 election — with help from the Russians! Do her constant words and attitude incite violence among her fellow angry leftists?

Big Tech has banned a site called Parler, a Twitter alternative created to ensure the free flow of ideas.

Campus Reform went to the University of Virginia to ask students whether Big Tech companies are too powerful.

Some students said private companies can do what they want, while others are wary. One woman said she “personally hates that they kicked Trump off Twitter” and feels the platform is trying to shut down conservatives. Leftists consider him a dictator, but he’s the one being silenced.

The reporter made the point that when conservatives try to create their own platforms, Big Tech removes their ability to host the platforms.

One of the male students obviously opposes Trump, so he believes Big Tech is justified suppressing speech, since he believes the president and Parler were inciting violence.

The reporter asked the students whether they think these biased tech companies can be trusted to draw the line between suppressing violent words and allowing unpopular speech. Is this a bipartisan concern? Watch the video for more:

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