Seattle School District Changes Its Mind — Will Allow Student Interfaith Club After Letter from Legal Organization

The Issaquah School District in Seattle rejected a request from two students at Creekside Elementary School to start an interfaith club.

The principal blamed lack of funds. But teachers started and promoted a club for homosexual students a week before one of the students asked to start the club. Teachers also promote non-religious clubs. Bias much?

In April, the First Liberty Institute sent a letter to the school district reminding the school board and the superintendent that “First Amendment protections extend to elementary school students expressing their sincere religious beliefs through voluntary clubs—including L.A.W. and J.W.”

For some reason, probably the very real fear of a lawsuit, the school district reversed its decision and will allow the students to start their club.

“We are very pleased that the Issaquah School District is allowing our clients to start a prayer club at their school this spring,” said Kayla Toney, Associate Counsel at First Liberty Institute. “Schools should always respect the religious beliefs of their students. This is a victory for students of all faiths and a reminder that people of faith have a constitutional right to express their religious beliefs and pray, even in a public school setting.”

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