Judge Temporarily Halts Louisiana’s Unsafe Abortion Protection Law

A Louisiana law that would require abortionists to obtain admitting privileges to a hospital within 30 miles, and licensing for those who kill more than five babies a year, was supposed to take effect on Monday. The law would also require abortionists to disclose certain information about the unborn baby. Gov. Bobby Jindal signed the bill into law, but a federal judge granted a temporary restraining order.

Rep. Katrina Jackson is a black pro-life Democrat who helped draft the Unsafe Abortion Protection Act, which reportedly received “overwhelming” bipartisan support. Melissa Flournoy, a former director for Planned Parenthood, “jokingly” suggested that another black woman needed to kick Rep. Jackson’s “a–” for refusing to march lock-step against protecting unborn babies.

As expected, pro-abortionists sued to overturn the law, but the judge chose not to go that far. From LifeSiteNews:

In issuing his ruling, Judge deGravelles noted that the abortionists might have exaggerated the immediate effects of the law on their clinics, since state officials already said they would not punish abortionists who had applied for admitting privileges at local hospitals, but were still waiting for decisions.

“Because the applications of the doctors have not been acted upon at this time, the Court believes any undue burden that might occur if they were denied is speculative,” deGravelles wrote. “While the doctors point to some preliminary indications that their applications may not be granted, the Court finds this evidence insufficient to carry their burden.”

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