Kentucky Commission Determined to Violate Christian Business Owner’s Religious Freedom

BCN covered a news story in April about a Christian-owned company that declined to print “gay pride” T-shirts on religious grounds.

The Lexington-Fayette Urban Rights Commission contended Hands On Originals Christian Outfitters owner Blaine Adamson discriminated against the “pride” people who apparently weren’t worried about offending him.

But a circuit court judge ruled in his favor. For the record, Adamson, who’s provided services to homosexuals before, declined to print certain messages from other groups.

As stated in the previous post, imagine having to defend yourself in court if you refuse to print “Proud Adulterers” or “Happy Murderers Club” on a T-shirt. Would the commission penalize a black business owner for refusing to print message T-shirts for a KKK parade?

But it’s not over for Adamson. The homosexual lobby and the government want total compliance, and no right to religious freedom. The Kentucky Human Rights Commission recently appealed the circuit court’s decision. From Christian News Network:

As the Human Rights Commission has appealed the ruling to the Kentucky Court of Appeals, several religious rights organization are fighting back.

“GLSO admits that it would reject a religious organization that wanted to set up a booth condemning homosexuality at the pride festival,” the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty wrote in its friend of the court brief [PDF] on Thursday. “Such conduct should be protected, just as a pro-choice printer’s refusal to print religious pro-life messages should be protected, and just as a gay photographer’s refusal to photograph a religious anti-gay rally should be protected.”

It notes that even a self-proclaimed lesbian-owned screen printer shop in Kentucky has come out in support of Hands On Originals.

Diane DiGeloromo, the lesbian in question, said she’d refuse to do business with an organization like the Westboro Baptist Church. “This isn’t a gay or straight issue. This is a human issue.”

Christians in America are the low-hanging fruit. Easy targets, as Christians don’t cut people’s heads off, and ready-made for “racism” accusations, which keep the civil rights industry in business.

Photo credit: Alliance Defending Freedom

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