Urban America Needs Responsible Fathers, Not Government Money

This weekend, columnist and radio show host Larry Elder made some hard-hitting comments on Twitter. Commenting on an interview Dr. Ben Carson had with Roland Martin, Elder tweeted:

Elder asks questions that reflect the problem with 90 percent of black Americans voting Democrats in office.

I’ve always said, and will continue to say, that black Americans’ biggest concern isn’t “racism” or bias; it’s family instability. Children who live with their married parents are better off physically, financially, and emotionally, regardless of race.

A better approach to problems among blacks, whether the subject is unemployment, academic underachievement, or inconvenient crime statistics, is to address the fact that three-quarters of black children are born to homes with no father. If blacks deal with this problem and move toward solving it, racial disparities, while they likely won’t disappear, will narrow. But of course, pointing fingers at others is profitable and garners headlines.

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