Do Leftist Politicians Really Want to Stop the Palestinian Protesters?

I’ll bet those leftist college administrators and students are regretting all that “defund the police” nonsense right about now.

Their fellow leftists in the nation’s capital are far away from the turmoil and don’t seem eager to help.

Star Parker talked about those highly disruptive protests in her latest Straight Arrow News segment.

“President Biden’s representatives offer platitudes about peaceful protests,” she said. “But the president is saying very little, and he has not taken any meaningful action to hold university officials or the agitators accountable.”

House Speaker Mike Johnson went to Columbia University and called on Minouche Shafik, the school’s president, to get things under control or resign.

Red state governors are putting their foot down and authorizing strong enforcement. But blue state college officials and and local leftist politicians apparently don’t care that protestors are blocking students who want to attend class.

They’re not lifting a finger to help.

Voters, including those who donate to these colleges and universities, have something to think about. Watch Star’s full segment below or at Straight Arrow News.

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