Leftists Won’t Like That An Obama-Appointed Judge Sided With a Christian Homeless Shelter

The Obama administration issued a rule to allow men pretending to be women to stay in women’s homeless shelters that accept federal funding. Some of the women could have been made homeless fleeing domestic violence, and now they and their children have to share intimate facilities with men.

The Trump administration proposed a rule that would restore common sense to homeless shelter policies.

One court seemed to rule in favor of common sense. The Daily Signal reported that a man in Alaska pretending to be a woman filed a civil rights complaint against a battered women’s shelter. Although it helped him in other ways, it wouldn’t allow him to stay there.

After the Anchorage Equal Rights Commission ruled against Downtown Hope Center, the Christian organization sued in federal court. Alliance Defending Freedom represents this refuge for women.

An Obama-appointed judge issued the ruling. An excerpt (emphasis added):

It accused the commission of violating its First Amendment rights to speech, association, religion; its Fourteenth Amendment rights of due process and equal protection; and other rights guaranteed by the Alaska State Constitution.

U.S. District Judge Sharon Gleason ruled for Hope Center, saying the civil rights ordinance and the rental law do not apply to homeless shelters because they are not places of “public accommodation.” The judge issued a preliminary injunction against the commission, barring it from bringing enforcement actions against Hope Center while the case continues.

The injunction is only a temporary stop. The center still has to expend time and resource protecting its freedom of religion and the safety of the women who turned to Hope for help.

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