Liberals’ Playbook on Putting a Liberal in the White House: Insult, Investigate, Impeach — But Not Govern

The Mueller Report blowout turned into a bust. What are liberals doing with all that Trump-hate now? We hear the words “impeach” here and there, but the liberal party doesn’t seem to have the heart for it.

They sling enough insults, and they love investigating President Donald Trump or anyone connected with him. And they really hate the president. There was nothing like this level of incoherent rage even during Barack Obama’s tenure.

What will liberal lawmakers investigate now? The truth is, President Trump’s America First agenda is helping Americans, Blaze TV’s Deneen Borelli said. All liberals have are insults and wasteful investigations. And shouts of impeachment.

What kind of support does the president have heading into the 2020 elections? Listen to Borelli’s take.

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