Liberals Won’t Like What This Governor Just Did to Protect Citizens and Enforce the Law

Being tough on illegal immigration has to be more than just talk, and Texas is leading the way.

Texas led a coalition of states to stop the former president’s attempt to defer deportation of certain illegal aliens.

After voters sent Donald Trump to the White House, the previous administration halted the amnesty attempt and suspended the court case.

Now the governor, Greg Abbott, has signed a bill into law that bans “sanctuary” cities, counties, and universities in his state, effective September 1. He said on Facebook Live that residents expect their government to keep them safe, “and that is exactly what we are going to do by me signing this law.”

As expected, some politicians don’t believe protecting American citizens should be the higher priority.

Opponents of the law were quick to condemn the signing. Thomas Saenz, president of the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, said that the law was a “colossal blunder” and that the lawmakers who championed it were small-hearted.

Saenz said the law would alienate “nearly half the state population” and make people subject to widespread racial profiling. He said the law undermines voters’ rights to choose elected officials who set local policy, makes the job of local law enforcement more difficult by straining relationships with immigrant communities and would cost Texas in trade and tourism, as well as legal challenges.

“This racist and wrongheaded piece of legislation ignores our values, imperils our communities and sullies our reputation as a free and welcoming state,” Terri Burke, executive director of the ACLU of Texas said in a prepared statement. “We will fight this assault in the courts, at the ballot box, and in the streets if we have to.”

The United States has a process of welcoming foreigners: legal immigration. Regardless, the new law allows the police to ask about immigration status during detention, which any sovereign country has the prerogative to do.

One member of law enforcement, Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez, chose to ignore certain detainer requests from the federal government. Governor Abbott said officials like Hernandez “don’t get to pick and choose which laws they will obey.”

Photo credit: By Jonathan McIntoshOwn work, CC BY 2.5, Wikimedia Commons

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