WATCH: Lt. Col. Allen West Says Islamic Terrorism Now A Stage 3 or 4 Cancer

No one should be surprised that Islamic terrorists recruit western teenagers. Anyone who’s willing to kill fellow westerners, infidels, homosexuals, and whoever else they hate is welcome.

Lt. Col. Allen West appeared on Fox News to talk about recruitment in the context of a video that might show missing girls from the UK on their way to Syria.

Greta Van Susteren emphasized that ISIS is spreading, and the problem is getting worse. Something needs to be done.

“Well, you’re absolutely right that something has to be done,” Lt. Col. West said. “Unfortunately, I’m sitting here in Dallas, Texas. I’m not sitting at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. [T]his would never have metastasized if someone such as myself were there, because back when ISIS was only 3,000 soldiers — the reconstituted Al Qaeda in Iraq — I would have recognized it right then and we would have squashed it before it had the opportunity to go from a stage zero to a stage one.”

Lt. Col. West added that we’re probably dealing with a stage three or four Islamic terrorist cancer right now.

Why isn’t a man like this sitting in the White House making decisions? Watch the video for the rest.

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