Will Democrats Get Their Gun-Grab Law — Thanks to Republicans?

A group of bipartisan senators on Sunday announced a “framework” for gun control measures in the wake of mass shootings, measures that won’t stop criminals determined to kill people but would impinge on the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms for law-abiding Americans.

Among other things, the legislation would include an “enhanced review period” for gun buyers under 21 and provide financial incentives for states to enact so-called red flag laws, which could end up ensnaring law-abiding citizens who disagree with some leftist agenda for which they’re deemed a danger to themselves or others, and include resources for school safety.

How about keeping schools locked during school hours, maintaining a single point of entry, and arming and training teachers to stop shooters? All of this requires no new legislation or potential violations of the Second Amendment.

It appears that Democrats might not get the “assault rifle” ban, federal red flag law, or other gun-control measures they want. In his statement, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said he hopes lawmakers come up with legislation that “respects the Second Amendment.” Notice that he doesn’t use the term “gun control” to refer to anything in the bipartisan agreement.

The agreement could gather steam and gain stricter gun-control provisions when the legislation goes before the full Senate. Will Republicans and “swing” Democrats hold the line?

Republicans are poised to make significant gains in Congress during the midterm elections. Why would they choose to compromise in any way with Democrats — especially enhancing “red flag” measures they know leftists will abuse for political purposes — on an issue important to their core constituency? Why are they even having these discussions?

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  1. Can’t lock school doors (or have only one entry/exit). Fire marshal wouldn’t like it.

    • Not hard to install emergency exits that only open from inside. In any case, in TX it wasn’t any fire marshal who left the back door propped open – it was a teacher, who should have known better.

      • Difficult decision: In a fire, doors locked from inside kids can’t get out. Locked from outside firefighters can’t get in.