Melinda (Margaret Sanger) Gates: Hands Off the Black Family

Is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation trying to destroy Africa’s future?

I am fed up with progressive policies masquerading as cures for what ails the black diaspora while they annihilate generations in the name of reproductive liberty, family planning or population control.

Eugenicist Margaret Sanger founded the American Birth Control League and began the contemporary crusade against the black family when she promoted negative eugenics (“race suicide”) under The Negro Project founded in 1939.

In 1942, her organization became Planned Parenthood and is now the largest abortion provider in the U.S. Sanger’s vision advanced and now 30% of the black population in the U.S. has been erased since Roe v. Wade.

My wife and I traveled to Ethiopia last November and noticed the advertisements hanging high for the International Conference on Family Planning (ICFP) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, sponsored in part by The Bill and Melinda Gates Institute for Population and Reproductive Health. I discovered that Melinda Gates, the world’s wealthiest woman, is targeting Ethiopian women much in the same way as Sanger. While Mrs. Gates likely believes she is advancing social justice, open eyes can see there is no justice.

“We are thirsty and they give us condoms! We are hungry and they offer us contraceptive pills! We are sick and they offer us the most modern techniques of abortion! …..We are imprisoned by poverty and they offer us sexual liberation! Silent tears roll down for Africa in a modern world that can neither see our pain nor hear our cry for help,” wrote Obianuju Ekeocha, an African woman and founder of Culture of Life Africa, in response to the ICFP conference.

Mrs. Gates is leading the charge for legalized abortion in Africa! To that end, she committed millions of dollars to the spread of hormonal contraceptive use in Africa and hosted forums on abortion at the ICFP in order to reverse the high maternal mortality rate of African women.

Mrs. Gates’ failure to attack the real causes of the high maternal mortality rate exposes her eugenics agenda. The women of Africa would be better served if Mrs. Gates focused on the lack of properly equipped health care facilities, skilled health care providers, proper nutrition, clean water, and educational opportunities.

“[Mrs. Gates’] misguided efforts to flood Africa with injectable hormonal contraception also carry grave health risks for African women. The Gates Foundation actually funded a study by the University of Washington that found contraception doubled the transmission rates of HIV. It makes no sense to introduce this increased risk of HIV infection in an area already plagued by AIDS and with inadequate medical infrastructure to support the subsequent need for increased testing and treatment,” said Denise Hunnell, MD, a Fellow of Human Life International.

Let’s not pretend. Melinda Gates is the “Margaret Sanger Remix”. We must force the Gates to abandon their eugenics agenda and take their hands off of the black family. Most emphatically they must be told the birth of black babies is none of their concern.

Marc Little is the author of The Prodigal Republican: Faith and Politics. His web site is The Prodigal Republican.

Photo credit: World Economic Forum (Creative Commons) – Some rights reserved

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