Missouri Governor Stands Up to the ‘Nonsense’ and Signs Bills That Protect Children from Genital Mutilation/Stop Boys from Joining Girls’ Sports Teams

Governor Mike Parson of Missouri signed bills into law last week that bar genital mutilation and puberty blockers for minors and prevent boys from competing on girls’ sports teams.

Almost half the states have legislation banning procedures that damage children in such irreversible ways.

“We support everyone’s right to his or her own pursuit of happiness; however, we must protect children from making life-altering decisions that they could come to regret in adulthood once they have physically and emotionally matured,” Gov. Parson said in a statement.

Why would any adult want to sow confusion in children, especially to the point where a child, who cannot legally consent to even signing a contract, consents to have his sex organs cut off because he “feels” like a girl? It is evil to advocate such perversity, let alone allow it to happen.

Boys pretending to be girls are banned from playing on girls’ sports teams in Missouri.

“Women and girls deserve and have fought for an equal opportunity to succeed, and we stand up to the nonsense and stand with them as they take back their sport competitions,” Gov. Parson said. “In Missouri, we support real fairness, not injustice disguised as social righteousness.”

By Jarek TuszyńskiOwn work, CC BY 4.0, Wikimedia Commons

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