NAACP Opposes Law that Bars Race- and Sex-Based Abortions

Black pro-lifers Star Parker, Alveda King, Walter Hoye, and others
Black pro-lifers Star Parker, Alveda King, Walter Hoye, and others
I don’t know whether to give the NAACP consistency points for supporting abortion even if the woman kills the child because he’s black or call out its hypocrisy over the lack of concern for the disproportionate rate in which black women kill their unborn children. Racial disparities in certain jobs? A tragedy. Racial disparities in killing voiceless and vulnerable unborn children? *Crickets*

The once venerable organization committed to the advancement of black Americans is in collusion with the ACLU to oppose an Arizona law that would bar abortions based on the baby’s sex or race. From my perspective, it doesn’t matter whether a woman kills her baby because he’s the “wrong” race, he’s a boy, or the woman wants to fit into a bikini. The reasons don’t change the fact that a baby is dismembered in the womb. But pro-lifers have lobbied to ban abortions for these reasons to save at least some lives.

The ACLU, representing the Maricopa County branch of the NAACP, filed suit claiming the law is unconstitutional and stigmatizes minorities who want to kill their unborn babies. A federal judge dismissed the suit last October for lack of standing, and the groups appealed. Yesterday, the Alliance Defending Freedom filed an amicus brief with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

The National Black Pro-Life Union and Ryan Bomberger’s Radiance Foundation joined efforts to uphold the potentially life-saving law.

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