National Day of Prayer – We Must Humble Ourselves

Today, my fellow freedom fighters, is the National Day of Prayer. It is so easy to focus on all that is negative in America. A president who seeks to protect radical Islam, gays, and abortionists. A slow economy and a radical left agenda seeking to unravel our moral fabric.

However, please do not be discouraged by this! We serve a God who is strong, powerful, and changes lives. We must continue to fight in His name, continue to show love to this lost world, and continue to hold onto what the Bible says.

We must be involved in our communities, in politics, and in the workplace. Please pray for CURE as we seek to fight for godly values in poor communities. Finally, this National Day of Prayer, keep in mind 2 Chronicles 7:14, which says WE must humble ourselves, and seek the face of the Lord!

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