New Negro Vote: Common Core, Immigration Reform, and Obamacare, Part 2

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Let’s move on to illegal immigration reform, which in my opinion is the most obvious replacement for the dying Negro (ok black if you’re PC) vote. There’s nothing compassionate or loving about politicians who are willing to allow law-breaking people, who probably won’t assimilate into American culture, but rather have the audacity to demand some of our welfare benefits regardless of their crime, to take precedent over citizens that loved and respected America and American’s enough to follow the law. Quite frankly, I’d wish we’d make Mexico’s border security laws our own. I’m so tired of the crony capitalist and politicians who claim to be doing the Lord’s work by being merciful to those who would destroy our sovereignty and the spirit of American culture just because they want to use these desperate workers for cheap labor. It’s pretty convenient how they forget some of God’s other attributes like truth and justice when they want to make money. They’d be better off fighting for lower taxes so they can afford American laborers. Oh, but wait a minute…lower taxes won’t secure the votes of a new dependency class for the racist bigots in D.C.

Lastly, what’s the quickest way to transform America’s largest transitional class (middle class) into a dependency class? Healthcare. Let me explain.

Regardless of what you may think about the entrepreneurs of the Industrial Revolution, they did manage to create America’s middle class. Until then, it was virtually impossible to achieve the “American Dream” for those that weren’t born in to wealth. Today, only one out of 10 people or approximately 10% of Americans are born into wealth, the other 90%, are products of America’s middle class. Of course, the political class can’t allow the evil of even more Americans becoming independently wealthy due to hard work. God forbid those new employer’s might just figure out that our tax policies are unfair and incapable of sustaining a middle class. Therefore, Obamacare was created to build a chasm expensive and intrusive enough to give government strangers total control of your physical well being while simultaneously taxing you into the lower class, and propelling them into an unattainable economic class. With one stroke of a pen, entrepreneurs become dependents of the state because they can no longer afford to pursue both their dreams and support government healthcare and people who abuse the system. Thanks to Obamacare, eventually upwards of 60 percent of your life will be spent working for politicians and paying for Obama’s date nights with Michelle, while you divvy up the other forty percent of your earnings between God and family. Aren’t Democrats generous?

The bottom line is when politicians can convince you that government programs are more beneficial to you than your God-given gifts, you become little more than a number to be counted, rather than an individual soul to be cherished. Jesus loves us so much that he takes the time to count the number of hairs on our head. I’m not even certain that I’ll be eligible for hair plugs under Obamacare, and a balding brotha’ like me loves to have options.

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