New Poll Reveals Something Important About Iowa — and Dr. Ben Carson

BenCarson_smallerDonald Trump might be dominating the headlines, but Dr. Ben Carson is rising in the polls. The Daily Beast reported that Dr. Carson has tied Trump in an Iowa poll. 

According to the Monmouth University poll, likely Iowa caucus goers said they would support Dr. Carson (23 percent) and Trump (23 percent).

“This marks the first time since July 26 that a poll in any of the first four nominating states has not shown Trump with a nominal lead.”

Trump’s popularly, though surprising for most, reflects Republican voters’ frustration with the establishment. Trump might not seem serious about running, but he’s certainly engaged fed-up voters. Dr. Carson, the more reserved candidate, has also connected with frustrated voters.

“At the moment, Carson is leading with voters in [the conservative Christian] bloc at 23 percent, followed by Trump at 16 percent and Cruz and Walker tied at third,” Bloomberg reported. “If his competitors can successfully raise questions about Trump’s credentials as a Christian conservative, they could potentially peel off some of the front-runner’s support.”

Dr. Carson has also urged Americans not to allow politicians to divide us.

“I’m sick and tired of the political class,” middle-school teacher Lisa Pilch told Bloomberg. “I just like [Carson’s] tone and think he’s someone who could pull us together, rather than the polarization we have right now. He has a lot of wisdom, even if he doesn’t have political savviness.”

Will the contest eventually come down to these two men?

According the poll, caucus goers said the country needs a president “from outside of government who can bring a new approach to Washington (66%) rather than someone with government experience who knows how to get things done (23%).”

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