Law-Abiding Residents in North Carolina No Longer Need the Government’s Permission to Buy a Gun

North Carolina’s Republican-majority legislature passed a bill that allows law-abiding residents to buy a handgun without getting a permit from the sheriff’s office. Requiring the sheriff’s permission to purchase a firearm places an undue burden on residents.

Governor Roy Cooper, a Democrat, vetoed the bill because of a provision that allows residents to skip the federal background check if they buy guns from a private seller. Residents buying guns from gun dealers would still receive a background check.

But lawmakers overrode the governor’s veto. Under the law, residents also will be allowed to carry guns in churches that share property with a school building as long as school isn’t in session, according to WFMY.

A reminder – concealed handguns still cannot be carried: in any state or federal building like a courthouse, on school grounds during school hours, in areas of assemblies like parades, funerals, or demonstrations, in businesses that have posted signs banning concealed weapons, or if you’re under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances not prescribed by a doctor.

The Second Amendment guarantees the right to keep and bear arms, which includes possessing guns for self-defense.

The next frontier is eliminating the requirement to seek government permission to carry handguns concealed. Gun-rights advocates hope to achieve constitutional carry and national reciprocity for all states.

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