NPR Fails to Mention Lakisha Wilson's Botched Abortion and Death

CUREabortionvids2Former labor and delivery nurse Jill Stanek noticed that an NPR article on so-called abortion restrictions omitted an important fact about a clinic highlighted in the article.

I’ve blogged several times about the deaths of Lakisha Wilson and Tonya Reeves. They both died of abortion complications. Reeves’ family sued Planned Parenthood, and the abortion mill settled the case for $2 million. Wilson died after a botched late-term abortion at the Preterm Abortion Clinic. Her autopsy report showed that her uterus failed to contract as it should have after the abortionist killed her baby. The clinic hadn’t monitored her properly.

Stanek noted that while showcasing the Preterm Abortion Clinic, NPR didn’t mention Wilson’s death. The left-leaning, taxpayer-supported news organization certainly wouldn’t want to, but the writer could have been less obvious about it by making a passing reference.

The writer did see fit to quote Lisa Perriera…who kills babies at Preterm.

“According to the date of [Wilson’s] last period,” Stanek wrote, “Wilson was 23 weeks and 1 day pregnant on the day of her abortion. But the fetal dating test ‘Preterm came up with’ pronounced her 19 weeks and 4 days pregnant, a big difference of nearly four weeks…Perriera was at the epicenter of Wilson’s abortion catastrophe.”

In addition to the problem with the uterus, the clinic’s elevator apparently was too small, which delayed the EMTs in applying life-saving measures.

“That’s exactly why there should be abortion clinic regulations,” Stanek wrote. “Precious minutes were lost as EMTs had to scramble to reposition Wilson on the gurney and then delay intubation.”

Abortion clinics and their advocates notoriously oppose regulations designed to protect women who show up at these places.

“The NPR article was a sham,” Stanek wrote, “a propaganda piece for abortion that aids and abets an industry that hurts and kills women – and is audacious about it.”

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