After Hundreds of Students Walked Out to Protest a ‘Transgender’ Policy, the School District REVERSED It

As we support brave women who publicly take a stand against men joining women’s sports teams, we absolutely must support children who stand against government school administrators who impose “transgender” policies, which compromise students’ safety, and violate their privacy and sense of modesty. 

That’s what hundreds of students did at a school district in Pennsylvania. The students staged a walk-out after the Perkiomen Valley School District passed a policy that would allow boys access to girls’ restrooms and locker rooms. From Fox News:

The new policy requires students, regardless of gender identity, to use the bathroom which corresponds with their biological sex.

John Ott, who organized the walkout, told FOX News last month that the protest was about protecting girls who are not comfortable having biological males in restrooms with them.

“Kids were upset. Girls… we wanted to protect them. They were upset. They didn’t want men in their bathroom,” he said.

A father, Tim Jagger, posted about the “transgender” policy on social media. His daughter may or may not have seen a boy in the girls’ restroom, but whatever happened left her upset. The policy was in place at that time.

“Several school board members didn’t even realize it, so it basically brought it to their eyes and then the community’s eyes,” Jagger told Fox News. “And then the kids in the school, obviously they were not happy about it, either.”

Someone on the school board considered what the girls thought and voted to reverse the policy.

A teenage girl in Vermont had a much worse experience. Blake Allen, a member of the girls’ volleyball team, complained about a boy allowed to use the girls’ locker room. He watched her and the other girls change in the locker room. Blake asked him to leave, and he took his time about it. When Blake complained to the faculty, they threatened to suspend her if she didn’t apologize to the boy and submit to a re-education session. Blake refused to apologize and filed a lawsuit.

The school district settled with Blake’s parents on her behalf and paid $125,000 in damages and attorneys’ fees.

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