WATCH: Pamela Geller on Muslim Shooters at Free Speech Event in Texas

Pamela Geller, a blogger I’ve known from back in my early days of blogging in the 00s, appeared on Fox News today to talk about yesterday’s shooting at her free speech, draw-Muhammad event in Garland, Texas.

Two adherents to the “religion of peace,” also known as Muslim terrorists (one of whom was known to the FBI), shot and wounded a security guard at the event. The police killed both attempted murderers.

“The idea that there’s a violent war, there’s a violent assault on free speech clearly was brought home last night,” Geller said. “There is a war on free speech.”

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who I assume was playing devil’s advocate, asked if there was another way to express freedom of speech that wouldn’t have offended Muslims.

In response, Geller said that she’s “not responsible for the violence conducted by others. It’s outrageous that this would even be the morally inverted view of the media, that somehow because we drew a cartoon that two gunmen with AK-47s tried to storm the building and shoot up innocent people, and somehow they’re not responsible?”

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