PBS Labor Day Special: Compassion for Abortionists

PBSTillerAt TV stations across the country today, PBS, which runs on the fruits of our labor, will broadcast a documentary that paints a sympathetic portrait of infanticide — not toward the slaughtered infants, but the “doctors” and employees.

The documentary features George Tiller, who was gunned down by someone claiming to be pro-life. The women who made this documentary said, “Reality is complicated, yet when it comes to the abortion issue in America, we are often presented with two very different, black-and-white versions of what is right and what is wrong — no exceptions granted. As a result, the national shouting match over abortion has become increasingly distanced from the real-life situations and decisions faced by those people most intimately involved — the physicians and their patients.”

I’ll take a “shouting match” over a quiet discussion when it comes to protecting the unborn any day. And what is this “no exceptions granted” they’re referring to — a baby conceived in rape or incest? A baby diagnosed with Down syndrome?

For the record, it’s safe to say most pro-lifers believe that what happened to Tiller was murder, but he deserves no sympathy for his work killing full-term, viable babies.

Life News quotes blogger Matt Walsh, who also wrote:

Pray you never encounter that sort of “compassion,” PBS, for it ends in blood and death and suffering.

Imagine if you aired a documentary which painted slaveowners or Klan members as compassionate. You’d be condemned across the globe, funding would be cut, the President would publicly admonish you, and thousands of death threats would fill up your mailbox. But, instead, you broadcast a love letter to people who kill infants, and a mob of morally bankrupted liberals celebrate you for it.


Do these babies feel pain? Tiller said he injected the babies with a drug called digoxin, which supposedly allows them to “expire painlessly.” We know that babies in the womb try to move away from probes and needles entering the amniotic sac. They react to stimuli. They suck their thumbs in the womb. They appear to yawn. Their still-forming brains are functioning. Let’s say the babies don’t feel the pain of the death instruments. Are the heinous procedures any less immoral?

The killing of the unborn is bad enough. It’s a whole different level of horrible when our tax dollars fund abortions and TV programs that attempt to make us feel sorry for people who support and commit infanticide.

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