Pew Poll: Race Relations Worse Under Obama

blackwhiteAccording to a Pew and USA Today survey of 1,501 adults, 69 percent say blacks and whites get along “very well” or “pretty well,” which represents a “modest” drop since 2009.

Black Americans view the police less favorably than whites, which isn’t surprising, considering that blacks deal with the police more often. Although 13 percent of the population, blacks account for over half the violent crimes.

The numbers show that race relations haven’t improved under President Barack Obama. Did anyone think they would? When conservatives criticize the president, leftists say it’s because he’s half-black. It seems that a half-black president, particularly a liberal one, is racially polarizing. That’s to be expected when voters gush over him because of his skin color. Some will object, and the “debates” ensue. Despite this reality, however, the numbers for getting along “very well” or “pretty well” aren’t bad.

As expected, people who say the police treat racial and ethnic groups fairly were divided along party lines.

Photo credit: jbherrera (Creative Commons)

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