Planned Parenthood Battles Pro-Life Kentucky Governor

Pro-life Kentucky governor Matt Bevin has so far strengthened the state’s informed-consent abortion law, closed down an abortion clinic operating without a license, and sued that clinic and another for violating state law.

Naturally, the abortion mill known as Planned Parenthood opposes attempts to save the lives on unborn babies or to raise the standard of care in its clinics. Planned Parenthood this week filed a motion to dismiss one of the lawsuits. What does Planned Parenthod think of the governor’s legal filings against them? From Life Site News:

Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky (PPINK), the regional chapter of the nation’s largest abortion provider, filed its own suit calling Bevin’s case a “jaw-dropping display of authoritarian hypocrisy.”

The legal motion to dismiss his case, written by attorneys Thomas Clay and Laura Landenwich, said PPINNK had gotten permission to begin performing abortions during the last week that former Democratic Governor Steve Beshear held office.

PPINK released e-mails with the Cabinet for Health and Family Services, showing then-Inspector General Maryellen Mynear saying that the office had to be open and functioning before inspectors could grant a license.

The abortion provider appealed to its agreement with the previous abortion-advocating governor to operate without a license before inspection, but Gov. Bevin appealed to the law and his administration’s higher standards. 

“The only policy that matters is the law as enacted by the Kentucky General Assembly,” Gov. Bevin wrote on Facebook.

The governor’s office released this statement:

“The Planned Parenthood e-mails do not verify anything other than that former Governor Beshear’s IG ignored the plain language of a statute and advised Planned Parenthood that it could perform unlicensed abortions, and that Planned Parenthood assumed the risk by unjustifiably relying on such advice knowing that they filed an application that did not meet the requirements for licensure.”

Photo credit: American Life League (Creative Commons) – Some Rights Reserved

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