Planned Parenthood Employee Called 911 Same Day She Was Featured in Exposure Video

On the day Planned Parenthood’s Director of the Ambulatory Surgery Center Tram Nguyen made a 911 call after a botched abortion, the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) had featured her in one of its undercover videos discussing harvested aborted-baby eyeballs.

Nguyen told the operator that a bleeding patient just had a “medical procedure.” The Houston Coalition for Life reported that from the end of January 2015 to June 10, 2015, they’d seen nine ambulances take women from that clinic. (Apparently the incidents have been updated to 10, according to the video.)

But abortion advocates vehemently oppose laws that would raise the standard of care in abortion mills, at least for the women.

President of Operation Rescue and CMP board member Troy Newman said “Abortion is certainly not health care, and the frequency with which this facility sends women to the ER makes it a ‘bottom of the barrel’ abortion mill.”

Newman was on his way to a speaking tour for Australia Right to Life last month when his visa was canceled, on a member of parliament’s orders, after he was accused of violence against abortionists. The government arrested, detained, and eventually deported him.

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