Planned Parenthood Won't Like This New Law In North Carolina


Image credit: David McNew/Getty Images
Image credit: David McNew/Getty Images

Gov. Pat McCrory of North Carolina vetoed his legislature’s attempt last summer to protect magistrates who declined to perform homosexual “marriages” after a federal court overturned a voter-approved measure affirming that marriage is the union between one man and one woman. 

Some, if not most, Christians were shocked that a Republican governor would reject religious protection that’s becoming increasingly necessary. Fortunately, the Republican-controlled legislature had the votes to overturn his veto.

Gov. McCrory didn’t stand by Christians on the marriage issue, but it looks like he’s standing by pro-lifers and the unborn. Last week, he signed a bill into law that bans the sale of aborted-baby body parts. The law also bars state agencies from entering into contracts for pregnancy prevention services with groups that kill babies. From Live Action News:

The bill, a reaction to The Center for Medical Progress undercover videos chronicling Planned Parenthood officials discussing the sale of organs from aborted babies for medical research, and appearing to break a number of federal laws in the process, passed the state House on Monday, and the state Senate the week prior.

Planned Parenthood claims its North Carolina locations do not participate in what they call tissue donation, leading GOP State Rep. Sarah Stevens to conclude that supporting the bill “shouldn’t be a problem.”

Liberals claim defunding Planned Parenthood would harm women, as if killing their own children doesn’t do an adequate job. Taking money away from this profitable industry means more money for clinics that do help women.

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