Presidential Debate Knockout: Trump 1, Biden 0 — Watch CURE America with Star Parker

This week on CURE America with Star Parker, we dive into the aftermath of the explosive debate between former Presidents Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Joined by Kristen A. Ullman, president of Eagle Forum; Carrie Sheffield, senior policy analyst at Independent Women’s Forum; Richard Manning, president of Americans for Limited Government; and Jonathan Alexandre, senior counsel at Liberty Counsel Action, we analyze the key moments and their impact on the nation.

We start with a critical look at Biden’s disastrous debate performance. He struggled to articulate and froze on stage multiple times, clearly not fit to serve. The panel discusses his history of falsehoods and the severe consequences of his presidency, including the surge in illegal immigration and the escalation of global conflicts. The war in Ukraine, which began after Biden’s failed evacuation from Afghanistan, and the Hamas-Israel war highlight the stark contrast between his leadership and the peace and respect maintained during Trump’s presidency. Had Trump been in office, the current war in Israel would not have occurred.

In contrast, Donald Trump was clearly the strong, coherent leader America needs. His debate performance showcased his decisive nature and firm stance on crucial issues like immigration, national security, and the economy. Trump’s policies are seen as vital for restoring America’s strength and stability.

We also discuss Biden’s presidency, criticized for pushing the nation towards socialism and undermining its core values.

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