Reasons Why Black Parents Homeschool Their Children


“A new study shows that minority families want to be in charge of their children’s moral instruction, and that many African American children are benefiting from homeschooling nationwide,” CURE’s Star Parker said on Facebook. “This is why I support school choice. If it works for your child, then you shouldn’t be penalized.”

The National Home Education Research Institute recently released the results of a survey about black parents and homeschooling.

Parents homeschool children because there’s something they don’t like about government schools, though they might differ on the details. According to the survey, these range from more religious and moral instruction to an individualized approach to teaching.

Considering the way government schools push the homosexual agenda and play up the bad things that have happened in America’s history, it’s surprising that homeschooling isn’t more popular.

According to the study, black homeschooled students have “significantly higher” scores than black students in government schools. An excerpt of an article about the study:

Comparing Black homeschool students to Black public school students yields notable findings. While controlling for gender of student and family socioeconomic status, being homeschooled had an effect size of about 42 percentile points higher in reading (an effect size or change in z-score of 1.13) than if public schooled. For language scores, being homeschooled had an effect size of about 26 percentile points higher than if public schooled (i.e., a change in z-score of .65). and for math, being homeschooled had an effect size of about 23 percentile points higher than if public schooled (z-score of .60).

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