Rejected Applicants Sue Harvard and UNC for Racial Discrimination

Thanks to our U.S. Supreme Court, which found a previously unknown right of privacy in the U.S. Constitution for women to kill their unborn children, taxpayer-supported colleges and universities across the country may discriminate against applicants based on the color of their skin for purposes of “diversity.” (See Regents of the University of Califoria v. Bakke and Grutter v. Bollinger).

Though cloaked in euphemism, racial preferences are glaringly obvious and something people don’t talk about in mixed company. Generally, the standard order of academic achievement is consistently East Asian, white, Hispanic, and black. Studies, and our own eyes, reveal this to be the case. There simply aren’t enough blacks and Hispanics performing at high levels to be competitive with East Asians and whites. Consequently, schools drop standards for these groups and admit individuals with lower grades and scores. This is called racial discrimination, but blacks typically don’t oppose the practice, because they “benefit.”

Americans of Asian descent are not known for organizing and protesting against government laws and policies. When California legislators tried to circumvent the law and re-impose racial discrimination in college admissions earlier this year, however, Asians rose up against the attempt. In 1996, California voters barred their government from discriminating against or granting preferences to individuals or groups based on factors like race and sex. Unfortunately, schools in that state continue to discriminate under the guise of “holistic review.”

That schools factor in race when making admissions decisions isn’t a hot topic. Mainstream media don’t care. It seems most Americans don’t, either. But every now and then, we hear about young people fighting back. For example, rejected white and Asian college applicants have sued Harvard University (private institutions are not exempt) and the University of North Carolina for factoring race into admissions. From the Christian Science Monitor:

The lawsuit filed against Harvard cites an Asian-American student who was denied admission despite being valedictorian of a competitive high school, achieving a perfect ACT score and a perfect score of 800 on two of the SAT II subject exams, and participating in numerous extracurricular and volunteer activities. The applicant, the lawsuit states, was “denied the opportunity to compete for admission to Harvard on equal footing with other applicants” due to his race.

The suit cites statistical evidence to claim that Harvard holds Asian applicants to a “far higher standard than other students” and that Harvard uses “racial classifications to engage in the same brand of invidious discrimination against Asian Americans that it formerly used to limit the number of Jewish students in its student body.”

As the truism goes, the only way to eliminate racial discrimination is to stop discriminating based on race.

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